Liquifix Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Liquifix Multi-Purpose Lubricant

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You choose a lubricant to keep your valuable equipment moving smoothly and protect it from rust and corrosion. Wouldn't you want to use the lubricant that performs the best, without the toxic fumes and odor?


LiQuifix consistently outperforms other multi-purpose lubricants, including WD-40, in standardized tests conducted by independent laboratories.


Better Load Carrying Ability

Liquifix provides continuous lubrication even in heavy load situations… substantially outperforming other brands tested.


Better Resistance to Wear

Liquifix provides more effective lubrication than other brands tested… providing greater protection for valuable equipment.



Superior Operating Range

LiQuifix has the highest flashpoint of any brand tested, delivering superior performance even in high heat applications. Conversely, it is effective down to 35°F.







Longer Lasting Protection

Liquifix does not evaporate like other multi-purpose lubricants and so provides superior lubricity, which extends lubrication cycles and saves time and labor.


Protection on the Widest Variety of Materials

Weathering study pictures (UV/humidity for one week; LFC-0001 168 Hours ASTM D4587)


LiQuifix is Odorless

Making it safe to use without ventilation (no noxious fumes).


% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)






LiQuifix is Certified Safe and Non-Toxic

No smell, no indoor air hazard! Safe around kids, pets and food.

       LiQuifix is certified non-toxic by NSF, an independent certification body.





NSF Approved Product, Independently Certified


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