FHS Smokeless Motor Oil

FHS Smokeless Motor Oil

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FHS SmokeLess Car Oil:

Designed to bring new life, performance, and protection to an aging, worn engine.  Manufactured from the finest ingredients to stop oil smoking, to reduce emissions, to give a cleaner, more environment-friendly, easier-to-sell vehicle.  Results speak for themselves, FHS SmokeLess car oil has over a 99.9% success rate of greatly reducing the smoke or stopping it all together.

SmokeLess for standard used car with worn engine that smokes heavily
SmokeLess Lite for reduced smoking problems but valve/lifter noise due to colder climate or cars that require a thinner oil.
Shipment by UPS GroundTrac for small orders, min=4 quart
Shipment by motorfreight to commercial address for large orders
Check our website (FHS SmokeLess FAQs page) for more information
How much FHS Smokeless Oil do I need:
You need at least enough for an oil change.  5 to 8 qts for most cars.
If your not sure how much your car takes, consult your owners manual.
Average for most cars:
4 cylinder  –  5qts
6 cylinder  –  6qts
8 cylinder  –  5 to 8 qts depending on the size of the engine.
What the different colors of the smoke mean:
Black Smoke  –  Black smoke is the result of partially-burned fuel being carried down the exhaust.  This unburned fuel is wasteful expensive, and a carcinogen.
Blue Smoke  –  Pale, bluish-white smoke is the result of engine lubricating oil being burned in the engine’s combustion chamber.  This is normally due to worn valve guides or piston rings and requires extensive engine repair.  FHS SmokeLess oil will solve this problem 99.9% of the time
White Smoke  –  White smoke is usually due to a broken head gasket.

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