Agri-Paint - Interior / Exterior Bio-Acrylic Paint

Agri-Paint - Interior / Exterior Bio-Acrylic Paint

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Agri-Paint is a leading edge natural interior / exterior Paint and Primer all in one.  Highly sustainable plant-based paint developed by Go Green World Products, LLC in partnership with New Century Coatings. While most of the zero or low VOC paints on the market today are still using petroleum-based latex and acrylic resin as their base, along with petroleum-based performance additives. We have worked long and hard to develop a coating that is based on plants and materials including the resins and the performance additives. No other coating manufacturer is committed to moving away from petroleum based raw materials in the way that Go Green World Products, LLC is under the Green Planet Paints® trade name. A True Zero VOC product using nothing but natural raw materials. While the EPA mandates and defines “zero VOC” as 5 grams per liter or less of volatile organic compounds, and Green Seal less than 50. Industry leaders say they are green, but the Truth is they are just compliant, NOT GREEN! Green Planet Paints® is alone in offering an interior/exterior paint at less than a gram/liter of VOCs. And blow away the competition in being Green! Meaning that we exceed all standards on BIO Content, Use of renewable resources and use of recycled waste stream raw materials. This is what GREEN is all about, not just being compliant like the others.

We are not just EPA compliant, we are truley Green! Bio-Prefered and Safe.

It’s not just VOC’s, but what’s in the CAN and in the AIR we have to breathe that matter most. Your choice makes a difference. Try it - we know you’ll LOVE it!

Basic contents: May contain some or all of the following: waste soy oils, waste tree saps, minerals, clays, food grade thickeners, natural water born acrylic, mineral oil and soap.

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