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Agri-Crete Overlayment

SKU: 32-C-15AC15G-KT
Amount: 42 lb Kit
$12.50 Special Handling Fee Required on 5 gallon pail orders. Failure to select will delay the order

 DESCRIPTION: Agri-Crete™ Overlayment is the latest in decorative concrete micro-topping technology systems. Agri-Crete™ is a custom engineered 100% recycled pozzolan materials that are diverted from land?ll waste, increases concrete performance, and reduces the Portland cement content which lowers the overall carbon footprint associated with making this product. Agri-Crete™ can be used as a non-skid cement mix for the most Non-Skid surface options. Agri-Crete™ is available in standard Gray and Buckskin tan, and can be stained easily giving multiple color options.

A special solvent free water soluble concentrate bonding polymer is provided and simply added to the cement mix with water to achieve your desired low consistency for ground, vertical, over head or hori­zontal surface applications.

It may be applied with a steel trowel, microtopping squeegee trowel or sprayed by hopper gun to create the ?nish and texture desired. Add color to the concrete mix, or stain after drying.

INTENDED USE: Transform virtually any interior or exterior substrate (i.e. concrete, masonry, wood, drywall, stucco, ?ber cement, metal, ?ber-glass, plastic, tile, composites and more) into a new decorative concrete surface.

 COLOR: Please specify color desired on order. Avalible colors are Cement Gray and Buckskin Brown.


           Agri-Crete Kit SDS



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