SpillEraser for Crude Oil

SpillEraser for Crude Oil

Oil Clean Up, Quick, Safe & Easy

Eco friendly crude oil well and fuel clean up for the oil and gas drilling industry. The application is a simple and cost effective solution to oil, and fuel spills that can keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations and reduce disposal costs.

This proprietary and patented “green” formulation that provides a spray-and-leave it solution for quickly cleaning oil and fuel leaks without digging or interrupting daily operations. Advanced micro-emulsion oxidization chemistry that can be sprayed around fuel tanks, oil storage tanks, pumps, oil wells, equipment pads and pipelines to keep these areas clean and well maintained.

SpillEraser – For use on CRUDE OIL on soil in warm temperatures (>70°F).

SpillEraser II – For use on HYDRAULIC FLUID and other oils, in both warm and cold temperatures (>32°F), and on all surfaces.

SpillEraser MO – Specifically designed for MOTOR OIL, used in both warm and cold temperatures (>32°F), and on all surfaces.

Non-toxic, safe to handle, and can be applied through standard spray equipment. Include as part of operation and maintenance activities to keep spill prone areas from becoming liabilities. Ideal for treating access limited areas and structures. Stains and odors are removed without the use of hazardous chemicals and eliminates the need for costly digging and hauling.

Bio-degradable high performing solution that is so fast acting you can actually watch it work.


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