Portable Units

Portable units - Designed for those on the go!


These units can be used in multiple areas and fashions including:

  • Aircraft and flight line use (a mechanics and aircrews friend)
  • Can be used to cool or heat aircraft interior while maintenance is being performed in the interior or cockpit of the aircraft. (Great for using on aircraft when performing annuals on the ramp and other maintenance when trying to saving on hanger costs)
  • Can be used to cool or heat aircraft electronic areas while systems are being tested and it is not safe or realistic to run the engine/s while testing is being performed.
  • Keeps those nauseating exhaust fumes and lowed noises from conventional portable cooling and heating systems.
  • Race track use (a race teams friend on the track)
  • Great for keeping trailers cool for the team and equipment while performing maintenance on the cars or bikes in-between races.
  • Keeps the entire team refreshed and alert between runs and during maintenance, lessoning mistakes from heat or cold fatigue on crews.
  • Keeps fuel cost down on those fuel operated or generated systems.
  • Supplemental
  • Supplement existing installed systems
  • High Traffic areas such as restraints or front offices
  • Supplement existing home systems
  • Entryways where high traffic flows during specific times such as back yard and pool entire ways when the kids are running in and out during the summer.
  • The garage, work shop or other habitable areas. Helps keep these spaces cool or warm year around while keeping those utility bills down.

Multiple other government, military, commercial, home, travel and other uses. The limit is only to the imagination. 


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